Who Am I?

So, I am a simple curvy woman, who just loves romance, aliens, shapeshifters, vampires and much more!

I get thrilled by the idea of making my heroes face a dilemma as this is when their true nature and feelings unravel!
I Hate cliffhangers and cheating, and I Love full-length stories with a happily ever after!

I Love reading Sci-Fi and Paranormal Romance (although secretly I have to admit I get to enjoy some Contemporary Romance as well) while I am drinking a nice glass of red wine, settled in my chair near my window, having my lovely dog as the cutest company ever!

I write Sci-Fi Romance because I want to make the stories more exotic, more futuristic as well as engaging and hot! My Alien and Albaterran Mates are inspired by my friends’ (and mine) kinky fantasies!
I hope you’ll enjoy traveling with me in new worlds, meeting your new mates!

And last but not least, if you want, you can always send me an email with an idea of yours on yourbooks@ashleylhunt.com. Trust me, I will make sure to turn it into an awesome story 😉