Albaterra Mates Series Book 2

He was sent to destroy her and everyone like her…but can he?

Emily heard the stories of the Paragon survivors and their encounters with the strange alien race, but she never thought she would meet one herself. After all, she’s just a bored artist working as a store clerk to make ends meet, hoping for the adventure of the lifetime. She gets more than she bargained for, however, when a normal day off turns into the most unexpected, terrifying day of her life.

Perhaps the greatest militant Elder in A’li-uud history, Du’ciact (Duke) is eager to join the Albaterran warriors on their mission to destroy humanity. It’s cold and bloodthirsty, but he will do anything to protect his planet and its people. Within minutes of landing on Earth, he discovers the voluptuous, inquisitive Emily and is instantly struck by an inescapable passion that changes everything.

No matter how interested in the stony alien she is, Emily cannot forget he’s there to eliminate everything she holds so dear—including her own life. She must reconcile her desire to stay with him with her need to save herself, along with anyone else she can. Duke finds himself torn, as well, between his dedication to his race and his seemingly unbreakable connection to Emily. When their decisions are wrenched from their hands, however, they are forced to succumb to their instincts…even if that means leaving each other behind.

Will Emily and Duke rely on their logic in a time of war, or will their hearts win out?