Alien Mates Series Book 4


An Alpha Alien. A Beautiful soldier. If you had to choose between your race and your future what would you pick?

Yahn is a tall, blue-skinned Karkastian, an alien race widely known as enemies of the planet Earth.

Jessie is a beautiful young soldier assigned to an army expedition team. When Jessie’s team explores Karkast, after it has been attacked by the evil Sarceastians, Jessie comes across Yahn, the last surviving member of his race.

Instead of capturing him, she chooses to help him. Soon, they are fugitives living a life on the run. In the process, they discover the true meaning of love, friendship, and devotion to a cause.

Their adventure takes them to dangerous spaceports, exotic planets, narrow escapes from certain death and execution, a spirited defense of planet Earth, and even an adventure on the enemy planet of Sarceastium. There, Jessie discovers her talents as a liberator. Can Jessie and Yahn escape their enemies, live through their harrowing adventures, and settle down to a life of peace and love?

Find out by reading all three parts of this eventful, heart-pumping, romantic and sultry space adventure!



Alien Mates Series Book 2



If he weren’t there, I would be Alone and Dead


2.514 A.D. Earth has been long abandoned, and humans have colonized the far edges of the galaxy. Yaerus, the new home planet, is the center of knowledge and diplomatic influence in the Known Galaxy. Humanity has entered a new age of space growth, and a great part of that progress is owed to the Chroniclers.

Eladia, a beautiful, courageous Chronicler, bound to solve the Great Mystery, lands on Primordial Earth as Silver, her artificial intelligence robot, has received some strange leads she has to follow. There, she will meet Jasih, and her life will change forever.

Jasih, a handsome and genuine alpha alien who crashed on the planet known as Earth years ago. He has lost his memory, and though he is unaware of it, he seems to shift to a darker self in the least expected times. And when he does, adrenaline takes him over making him cruel and seriously dangerous for everyone, able to act based only on his survival instincts.

When these two opposite personalities come face to face, they will both turn each other’s life upside down. They will have to cooperate to solve the Great Mystery, and though none of them knows what they are looking for, they will put the puzzle together, piece by piece, sooner than they expect. However, there are those who have different plans, and they will try to keep Eladia and Jasih from completing their quest by all means available.

Will Eladia and Jasih solve the Great Mystery after all, or will they die trying?




Alien Mates Series Book 1



My dad decided about my future without me.
I have to marry an Alien Prince I have never seen before, and I will have to sacrifice my happiness for the best of humanity.
But how can I do that?

Kataline is a curvy, sensitive, lovely woman who has to marry the Alien Prince, Kerr. Her father arranged this marriage to bring peace on Earth without asking her about her feelings! She is the first genetically engineered woman, and she has never had sex before in her life!

Kerr is the Alien Prince of the Planet Euthenia. His mother died while he was very young and he has never met true love. He is the most handsome Alpha male on his planet, and even though he could have any woman he wanted, he arranged this marriage for political reasons. His father is against his decision, but Kerr has to follow his own path as he is to become the future King!

Those two never-loved souls have to make this work. However, one of them has a dark secret. A secret unknown to everyone except for Kataline’s father who will not say anything about it until it is too late. While they are heading back to Planet Euthenia, an Uprising starts there by Earth Colonists.

When Kerr’s father is informed about it, he imprisons Kataline.

Was this Kataline’s father plan all along? Was she a part of the scheme? Will Kerr save her or not? What will happen between those two?