Albaterra Mates Series Book 3


You are making decisions out of fear, not out of logic and reason…

Beautiful and sophisticated, Roxanne Rigby is NASA’s new Ambassador of Alien Relations—which means it’s her job to deal with the very creatures trying to destroy her and her planet. Earth is in the midst of a war with the A’li-uud, an alien race intent on exterminating humanity from existence, and Roxanne is the only hope for a truce. She is a young, inexperienced woman, but she is determined to do her part and save humans everywhere from decimation.

Dane, better known as Elder De’inde to his loyal warriors, although new to his leadership role, despite being the descendant of a long line of A’li-uud Elders, he exudes the natural confidence and unyielding dominance required for the position. When he meets with Roxanne to discuss a peace treaty, however, his assurance is thrown into question as he loses focus on the war because he just can’t get the shapely, refined woman out of his mind.

With only one Elder on Earth for Roxanne to negotiate with, it is up to Dane to decide the fate of humans. The next thing she knows, Roxanne finds herself aboard a ship bound for Albaterra to confer with the entire Elder Council, accompanied by a handful of soldiers, many blue-skinned A’li-uud, and the Elder who makes her stomach flutter. With an abundance of opposition for her cause from the aliens, as well as a lecherous human General, it doesn’t take long for her to realize there may be no hope for humanity after all—and that the end might be at Dane’s hands.

Will Roxanne be the saving grace without condemning herself to an emotional death? Will Dane find a balance between the call of Elderhood and the call of his heart?

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