Alien Mates Series Book 3
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She was ready for anything, but not for this brutal Alien War…


Volistad is a handsome alien ranger who has to protect his planet, Chalice, from unwanted visitors.

Joanna Angeles is ready for anything. She has been dispatched to a frozen planet at the back end of nowhere, accompanied only by an advanced A.I. known as Barbas.

Her mission?
She has to transform an unliveable frozen wasteland into a home for over hundred thousand colonists within ten years. Unbeknownst to her, the brutal glacier world is not as lifeless as she thought. When her planetfall is mistaken for the coming of a deity by the local ranger, Volistad, Joanna finds herself embroiled in an ancient war.

Can Joanna and Volistad find common ground, despite their vast differences?
Can they forge a connection to unite their two peoples? Or will the ice-bound world of Chalice claim them all?

Join Joanna & Bardas in their mission to survive to this exotic and new harsh planet..


9 thoughts on “Volistad”

  1. Diane Nixon says:

    I liked the cover and the sneak peak!

  2. Trish Kearns says:

    Love the cover, it shows planets and stars and of course Volistad.
    If you just show a gorgeous man it takes away from the book.
    Your books are better than just a sexy chest.
    Your book are evolving in to better and better material. Thank you

  3. I just read the prequel or blurd or whatever ever can i just say i’m so excited for this book i can’t wait till its finished. Keep the creative thought going this may be the one that will be my favorite.

  4. Brenda Swedeen says:

    Love every book of yours that I’ve read so far!!!! Thank you!!!

  5. Fran Souza says:

    I’m halfway through and I’ve only got one word; brilliant!

  6. Belinda Evans says:

    Thank you for a chance to read your books free. And not on amazon. I am enjoying your writing

  7. sorry read the book already a little to long but was an interesting story.

  8. Lilian mcnaught says:

    I absolutely love your books. They have all the elements I look for in the genre you write with such inspiring flair. Can’t wait for Volistad. Keep up the good work. Thanks.

  9. If you like your science fiction with a dash of romance, you will love Volistad. It isn’t that the story was too long, rather most science fiction romances are too short. Their authors are forced to create a whole series of books, to truly develop their fictional worlds. Ashely did it all in one book and she did it well. If you like stories by Tanya Huff, Linnea Sinclair, Jennifer Foehner Wells or Lindsay Buroker, You will really enjoy Volistad.

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